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Ribbon Ridge Estate

Ribbon Ridge AVA

40 million years old

Moderately rolling benches and side slopes of the western flank of Ribbon Ridge.

Once under the Pacific Ocean, soils are predominantly marine sediments of high-quartz sandstone and weathered bedrock.  Soils include Bellpine; as well as Sitton, Wellsdale and Dupee of the Willakenzie series.

Ribbon Ridge Estate

Coast Range Estate

Yamhill Carlton AVA

45 million years old

Steeply sloping hillside in the eastern foothills of the Oregon Coast Range.

Extremely diverse soils derived from
sedimentary rocks and intrusive volcanic basalts.  Soils include Bellpine and Hazelair formed from sedimentary rock; Nekia, Witzel, Gelderman and Jory from volcanic basalt.

Coast Range Estate

Wichmann Dundee Estate

Dundee Hills AVA

15 million years old

Created by basaltic lava flow which left behind iron rich red soils in the hills above Dundee.

Very deep, well-drained soils formed in the colluvium derived from basic igneous rock.  The volcanic Jory soils are comprised of dark reddish brown silty clay loam at the subsurface and red clays at lower subsoil levels.

Wichmann Dundee Estate